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We are qualified pedorthists with over 20 years of combined work experience and craftmanship in Europe and Australia. Located in Mandurah WA, we want our clients to profit from our vast knowledge, paying low prices for quality custom made orthotics and receiving the best service. We have recently opened our brand new branch in Fiji, for more info click here

 We offer a vast array of services, from custom made orthotics to custom made shoes, ankle foot supportAnkle Foot Orthosis (AFO) and modifications to existing footwear. All combined with the best know-how and advice. 

  • Do you experience discomfort in your feet? Tired feet after a day at work? Are your knees giving you trouble? Lower back pain keeping you awake at night?

  • Do you play footy with aching feet? Your shins hurt while playing soccer? Cramps in your feet while cycling? 

  • Your required footwear for work could be more comfortable? It seems impossible to find comfortable shoes?

We have the answers. 

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Life is busy enough. Week after week flies by and it is not always easy to find the time for yourself. We understand. Pain in your feet does not make it any easier to move around. So let us come to you! Appointments are available on working days from 7 AM to 6 PM to give you all the flexibility you need.
Your feet are unique. All feet comes in different shapes and sizes. Foot problems occur because of different causes and so require different solutions. There are many ways to deal with a problem from a change to your existing shoes, orthotics or a pair of custom made shoes. Together we will define the problems, explain all the different solutions and offer you the best one accordingly.
We can offer you the most competitive prices in Western Australia matched with the best after sales service you will find. How? We are a small business working from home. This keeps our cost low. We do most of the work ourselves instead of hiring contractors for each separate step of the way. We obtain materials locally, decreasing the need for expensive shipping costs and at the same time support other Australian businesses.
Feet are complicated structures, 26 bones, 33 joints and more than a 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. Your feet are your foundation, every other part of your body rests on your feet. That lower backpain? Worth taking a look at your feet. It is a complex system and not a subject that you can learn in a short course. We are unique as we combine years of European study and knowledge with Australian practical know-how in one company. This enables us to look at an issue from different perspectives and find the best possible way to help you.